The single-station welding machine Denyo DLW-300LS with a 10.4 kVA power generator function is designed for welding work in field conditions and allows high-quality manual shielded metal arc welding as well as functioning as a power station mode. Denyo DLW-300LS welding generator due to its easy operation, reliability and compactness has won great popularity in the oil and gas complex, civil construction and housing and communal services.

The welding current range is 30-260A at a duty cycle of 100%, providing a steep-falling and flat-falling voltage-ampere characteristic, which is convenient for various welding works. The maximum welding current is 280A (duty cycle of 75%).

The E-mode function helps to reduce fuel consumption during operation and noise level, which is important when working in urban conditions.

Safety level is increased:

• A grounding leakage relay with a sensitivity of 30mA is used to prevent possible electric shock.

• A voltage reduction device (VRD) is applied on the output post when there is no load.

The DLW-300LS diesel welding machine can be used as a source of alternating current with a power of up to 10.4kVA while concurrently operating the welding station.

Specifications: Denyo DLW-300LS welding machine

1. DC (Direct Welding Current) output characteristics:


   – For single-station welding mode:


Continuous mode

e-mode (variable)

Welding Current Adjustment Range

30 ~ 280 А

30 ~ 280 А

Nominal rotational frequency

3000 rpm

2300 rpm

Duty cycle

100% at 30 ~ 260 А

75% at 280 А


Fuel consumption (no load)

1,28 L/h

0,72 L/h

Fuel Consumption at nominal current (260А)

3,23 L/h

3,20 L/h

2. AC (three-phase alternating current) output characteristics:


Continuous mode

Rated Power

10.4 kVA

Nominal voltage

220/380 V

Nominal current 

15.8 А

Rotational frequency

3000 rpm


50 Hz

Power factor


Note: the unit is capable of operating simultaneously as a welding current source and as an alternating current source.

Diesel engine specifications

Manufacturer and model



Vertical, 3-stroke, water-cooled

Rated power

12.5 kW / 3000 rpm

Number of cylinders


Bore and stroke of piston

68 mm х 72 mm

Engine displacement

0.784 L



Cooling system


Rechargeable battery

12V – 45Аh х 1 (55В24L)

Type of fuel

Diesel (ASTM No.2 or equivalent)

Fuel tank capacity

36 L

Lubricating oil

API service class, CC class or higher quality

Dimensions and weight of the unit

Length x Width x Height (mm)

1410 х 560 х 770

Dry weight

379 kg

Gross weight

419 kg

Noise level at 7m, dB(A)