DCW-480ESW EvoIII Limited Edition

The two-station Diesel Welding Machine Denyo DCW-480ESW has been designed taking into account the requests and demands of the oil and gas sector. Therefore, this unit is well-suited for conducting work in any field and harsh climatic conditions. The welding generator Denyo DCW-480ESW enables high-quality manual shielded metal arc welding, as well as MIG/MAG/TIG welding, self-shielded flux-cored wire welding, flux-cored arc welding, and cutting, with the ability for two welders to work simultaneously.

The machine consists of a generator and a diesel engine. The generator and the engine, together with the other elements of the unit, are securely mounted on one frame and concealed in a durable steel casing, which protects the entire structure from various mechanical damages and harsh climatic conditions. This design of the welding machine allows it to be used outdoors, on construction sites at sufficiently low temperatures.

The unit has an economical mode (E-mode), which reduces fuel consumption and noise level. It automatically switches to idle speed when no welding work is in progress, thereby extending the service life and reducing diesel fuel consumption.

The unique welding current characteristics control system, developed and manufactured by Denyo using modern IGBT transistors, ensures stable output parameters, guaranteeing high-quality welding with any electrodes.

To stabilize the output voltage of the alternating current, a high-quality automatic AVR block that is designed for long-term loads, is installed.

The unit is also equipped with standard options of safety devices that will automatically shut down the unit in case of emergency situations: decrease in engine oil pressure, increase in coolant temperature, current overload, etc. It uses a high-frequency brushless generator, which is low-maintenance and durable.

In addition to welding work, the Denyo DCW-480ESW diesel welding machine can also act as a small power station. It is a source of both direct and alternating current. And because these sources are independent of each other, interruptions in power supply do not occur.

The two-station welding machine DCW-480ESW stands out for its high performance, efficiency, durability, and low noise level.

Specifications: Denyo DCW-480ESW EvoIII Limited Edition Welding machine

1. DC (Direct Welding Current) output characteristics:

For single-station welding mode:



Continuous mode

Economical e-mode

Welding Current Range

60 ~ 500 А

60 ~ 240 А

Voltage range (V)

CV: 14 37


Nominal voltage (V)

CC: 38,0/CV: 36,5


Rated power (kW)

CC: 17,1 / CV: 16,4


Nominal rotational frequency

3000 rpm

2200 rpm

Duty cycle

60% at 450А


For dual-station welding mode:


Continuous mode


Welding Current Range

30 ~ 280 А

30 ~ 200 А

Voltage range (V)

CV: 14 29


Nominal voltage (V)

CC:30,0 / CV:26,5


Rated power (kW)

CC:7,5 x2 / CV:6,6 x2


Nominal rotational frequency

3000 rpm

2200 rpm

Duty cycle

100% at 250 A for two stations


2. AC (three-phase alternating current) output characteristics:


Continuous mode

Rated Power

15 kVA

Nominal voltage (V)

220/380 V

Nominal rotational frequency

3000 rpm


50 Hz

Power factor


Additional generator power when operating with two welding stations at 250 A (DC=100%) 

3,2 kW

Note: the machine is capable of operating simultaneously as a welding current source and as an alternating current source.

Diesel engine specifications

Manufacturer and model



Vertical, 4-stroke, water-cooled

Rated power

24.9 kW / 3000 rpm

Number of cylinders


Bore and stroke of piston

78 mm х 78.4 mm

Engine displacement

1.498 L



Cooling system


Rechargeable battery

12В – 70Аh х 1 (80D26R)

Type of fuel

Diesel (ASTM No .2 or equivalent)

Fuel tank capacity

45 L

Lubricating oil

API service class, CC class or higher quality

Dimensions and weight of the unit

Length x Width x Height (mm)

1540 х 720 х 885

Dry weight

525 kg

Gross weight

578 kg