The Denyo DAW-180SS single-station welding machine with a 3 kVA power generator function is designed for small-scale welding works in field conditions. It allows to perform high-quality manual shielded metal arc welding with a covered electrode, as well as enables to work in the power station mode. The Denyo welding generator has an intuitive control system, compact size, high welding quality, and reliability, which have made the DAW-180SS model widely popular on construction sites, in utility companies, small businesses, and private sectors.

The welding current range of the DAW-180SS machine is 30-180A. The rated current at a duty cycle of 50% is 170A. At a duty cycle of 100%, the welding machine can operate with a current of up to 120A.

The DAW-180SS welding machine is equipped with wheels, which facilitate its movement. Machine parts are installed on the main frame: a two-cylinder engine, an alternator, a fuel tank, and a battery. The entire structure is covered with a steel casing, providing protection against unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. Technical maintenance and repair of the welding generators are easy, due to the large side door and thoughtful arrangement of parts. The DAW-180SS Diesel Welding machine can be used as a source of AC power up to 3 kVA with simultaneous operation of a welding station.

Specifications: Denyo DAW-180SS welding machine

1.       DC (Direct Welding Current) output characteristics:


Continuous mode

Welding current adjustment range

30 ~ 180 А

Nominal rotational frequency

3600 rpm

Duty cycle

100% at 30 ~ 120 А

50% at 170 А

Fuel consumption (no load)

0.93 L/h

Fuel Consumption at nominal current (170А)

2.2 L/h

2. AC (single-phase alternating current) output characteristics:


Continuous mode

Rated Power

3 kVA

Nominal voltage

220 V

Rated current

12.5 А

Rotational frequency

3600 rpm


50 Hz

Note: The unit is capable of functioning simultaneously as a welding current source and as an alternating current source.

Diesel engine specifications

Manufacturer and model

Kubota/ Z402


Liquid-cooled diesel engine

Rated power

7.28 kW / 3600 rpm

Number of cylinders


Engine displacement

0.4 L



Cooling system


Rechargeable battery

12В – 36Аh х 1 (38B20R)

Type of fuel

Diesel (ASTM No .2 or equivalent)

Fuel tank capacity

15 L

Lubricating oil

API service class, CC class or higher quality

Dimensions and weight of the unit 

Length x Width x Height (mm)

990 х 590 х 750

Dry weight

181 kg

Noise level at 7m, dB(A)